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Iron Age Stories!

Grunge Distressed Circle

This project explores the Coritani tribe through music, art & performance as a way to connect local people to their heritage.

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The Coritani (also known

as the Corieltauvi, or Corieltavi) were an agricultural tribe of people living in Britain prior to the Roman conquest, and thereafter a civitas of Roman Britain.


older than our civil war, older than french vikings, older than danes

older than saxon, angle or jute, older than roman, but knew him well

haunts a ragged edge of this land, where the sea has become nomad

how many bones fill this windswept outpost with wailing descant

wait for wind to whisper and moan their raw, frigid, tedious talk

a liminal place, sparse ground, where cod swim through thick clay

how many stories can a storyteller tell to ears washed in seawater

coritani shanakee native to this soil, it boils with eel and bogtrotter

who use reeds to roof their roundhouse, where he trades his words

so many marginal birds wade the rich mud that coats this coast

walking the ket bank between what will become our abbey hill

and fishing huts on wild, weather beaten, gale swept holme hill

backwater in a world full of backwaters, a wet coastal outpost

bran's words wind shuffled in his rainy season, telltalers head

spirits and gods that fill and inform the cut of his familial story

soon new gods will invade, encroach upon old ways and byways

push sense and understanding into strange unfamiliar corners

water down everyday genius loci, till they become fable beings

until then herons fly through the marsh, skim reedbed chatter

take the ghost of a trickster fibber and slacken his hold on time

by Keith Suddrey

Creative Heritage Workshops

Grunge Distressed Circle

Explore our heritage through music & arts workshops!

Our team work closely with schools & communities to deliver high quality heritage workshops using music, arts & storytelling to engage children in a fun adventure exploring history!

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Humber Taiko

Humber Taiko is a project supporting the development of Japanese style Taiko drumming across the Humber region and beyond!

Through the Humber Taiko project, we provide Taiko Academy workshops for schools and communities as well as teacher training.

Humber Taiko also has an ensemble performance team available for events.

Get Creative! Fuelled Holiday Activities

Coritani work in partnership with North Lincolnshire Council & The Baths Hall in Scunthorpe to delivery a high quality creative programme for children during the holidays.

Summer 2023 saw a diverse range of music & arts sessions for young people including DJ & Music Production, Drumming sessions, Theraputic Art, Drama & Games.

The programme also included specialist SEND delivery.


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